We teach General & Tech English
We offer individual and group classes in Odesa, Kyiv, and online.

We won't just teach you technical English, most likely you can already tell us what is a "pull request," "report a bug," or "write documentation"

We will help you with English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation as well as teach you soft skills in English.

We will teach how to conduct effective meetings and conferences, participate in networking opportunities with confidence, develop your proficiency to create competent emails, reports and presentations, give proper feedback, and communicate clearly with English investors.

We will teach how to hold effective meetings and conferences, participate in networking opportunities with confidence, develop your proficiency to create competent emails, reports and presentations, give proper feedback, and communicate clearly with English investors.

With us, you can learn English individually, in groups, at your office or our own, online and offline.

You can come meet us in person at our Odessa or Kyiv office or arrange a Skype call if you are outside of Ukraine.
What we offer
Group Classes
Group classes are conducted at our office in a standard classroom setting. The group size is limited to a maximum of 8 individuals.
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Individual Classes
Study in the comfort of your home or office.

Individual classes are delivered to you online via Skype or Google Hangouts, or you can choose to study offline with our teacher in our or your office.

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Who we teach
We teach any profession in tech industry
IT students
You're just starting to dive into the world of IT and you know that speaking good English will be a great asset in the future career
IT Professionals
You've become an IT guru, but you are still a little unsure about your English skllls when it comes to communicating with colleagues or customers
Non-IT Jobs
You are a member of the HR or financial department and want to obtain additional knowledge and communicate better with your colleagues
How we do it
The first steps towards starting your first English lesson
Send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours
Take our test and we'll determine your level
Tell us about needs and we'll find a program that best suits what you're looking for
Pick a time to start learning. Our classes run from 8 am to 10 pm in person or 24/7 online via Skype
Our teachers are professional and qualified within the IT sphere as well as teaching English
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Our courses
Choose a course that suits your needs best
A well-rounded, yet highly technical course suitable for any type of IT profession.
A course that will teach you how to speak and conduct effective meetings with customers and colleagues alike!
A conversational course focused on design, requirements, scope and customer communications.
A course that will help you understand your client better.
A course based around the American comedy series "Silicon Valley" with an emphasis on idioms, phrasal verbs and business vocabulary,
A course that focuses on everything HR, from writing emails to potential hires to conducting interviews.
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productive and comfortable

Come and learn English in our classroom, online, or in the comfort
of your home office
Speaking English the Lean Way
Tired of conversation clubs where the teacher speaks more than the students? We are too. That's why we started Lean Coffee.
Learn how to hold conversations and meetings without a set agenda
You will only talk about topics that are interesting to the whole group
Work on the mistakes you have made while talking
Share your ideas and problem solutions aligned with the topics discussed
Get maximum possible speaking practice in 90 minutes
Meet like-minded people and knowledge share
Who we are
The smartest people work every day to provide the best English classes and to make our clients happy
  • Anna Gandrabura
    Founder & CEO
  • Kate Kryvtsova
    COO & ESL Instructor
  • Zoe Baletskaya
  • Yana Pokora
  • Alyona Karaulnaya
    PR & Event Manager
  • Alyona Sikorskaya
    ESL Instructor
  • Mary Bandura
    Online ESL Instructor
  • Karuna
    Lean Coffee Facilitator
What our students say
  • Alexey Karazhey
    Software developer at Provectus

    Курсы классные. Нормальная современная программа обучения. Удобно, что упор сделан на темы связанные с IT. Но для меня главное то, что уроки проходят интересно. Хочется говорить на английском языке.
  • Alexandr Tistol
    Software Engineer at Luxoftt
    Мой уровень английского был близок к нулевому, английский фактически никогда не учил, обладал базовым набором слов, как все айтишники :) Произношение тоже было на низком уровне.
    Благодаря курсу "Интенсив" д
    обился быстрого роста всех языковых навыков. В целом очень благодарен. И, хотя до поставленной цели еще далеко, заниматься приятно и интересно.
  • Dmitry Peltyk
    QA Lean at Luxoft
    Real professionals, determined, creative and outgoing coaches in English learning.
    I have been attending individual lessons 3 days per week before a very important trip abroad.
    I have improved my speaking skills so much that I still have friendly relationships with my foreign colleagues!
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